Duanne R., MO, USA
“ Great trip, enjoyed it so well we booked for another year. The shooting was good but the hunting was great. We are bringing up new guy's each year. I would recommend AGO for all water fowler's. I have hunted in Canada several times before and success is always a factor for the trip but what really sold me was the personal relationships built over a week of hunting and scouting between hunts. This is a yearly occurrence with our crew and we already talk about it eleven months before we leave”.

Tim O. Mo,USA
“ You cannot compete with mother nature but Brian's professional experience made it a great trip. From pothole's to breaking ice, we shot ducks in so many different hunting situations. Look forward to doing it again in the future. God bless.”

Harold B., Ill. USA
“ Brian is a great guide with excellent knowledge of the area(s) he hunts. He can constantly put you on the bird's. I recommend his operation to my client's back home, and am planning to return to hunt with him again”.

Serg S. Ill., USA
“ If you have never hunted mallard in a snow storm, you have not done it at all. Three days solid of shooting, more shooting than any prior trips to any other destinations. Brian is a pro-guide and that's why we return”.